Coming Home.

I was contacted a few days after I left Angelina and Justin by her mother Gretchen. She wanted to know if I would be interested in coming to the couple's home to document them returning from the hospital. She didn't want where I left off to be the end to the story, and if you know me at all you know that I can't stand leaving a story untold to the end, so I jumped on the opportunity.

I was met by Gretchen, in the early afternoon in the middle of a cleaning frenzy, working diligently to prepare the home for the return of her daughter, son-in-law and grandson. As soon as I stepped in the door, the power cut out. (of course...because why not with this couple right?! It only seemed fitting)

I was given access to the home to capture all of the things they had put in place for their baby boy to come home to. A perfectly curated nursery, a fun and gorgeous playroom, decked out with photos of the family at his eye level so that he could know them, always. You could tell, that they had been waiting, and waiting for the love of their little boy to fill the walls of this home.

Ohana, means Family

One by one, the Delk home was filled with the familiar faces from the nights prior. Bringing balloons, flowers and so, so much love, to await the arrival of the new family.


After years of heartache, loss, and sadness. The Delks welcomed home their son Grant Russell. Immediately crowded around by his loving Grandmother, Aunts, Uncle, "not aunt" Camely, her husband Judah and his future wife (fingers crossed) Brin, he was welcomed into the family and immediately loved beyond measure.

What came next is what can only be described as a baby love fest.

Arguing over who got to hold him first or next, timing their turns and oohing and ahhing over fingers, toes and smiles. It was absolutely beautiful.

Grandpa Nick made an appearance as well and the whole family got their turn to tell this little boy how wanted, and loved he will always be.

Welcome to the world Grant.

You are one super lucky little dude.